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Christine Fahrenbach, Roberta Fuller, Maureen Mancuso, Diane O’Donnell,  Jennifer O’Malley, and Cynthia Yoshitomi were ordained deacons on September 18, 2011 in Santa Barbara, CA.

Ordained women are serving the People of God in many ways including: weddings, baptisms, Eucharist, prison ministry, anointing of the sick and elderly, ministering with the homeless, and house churches.

Further information about Roman Catholic women Priests can be seen by viewing the following presentation. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8317430528624416961

Cynthia Yoshitomi speaks about being called to ordination. Click on: Women Priests

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A riveting new documentary about the controversial movement

of women ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church

Pink Smoke Over the Vatican chronicles the difficult journey of women ordained as Catholic priests beginning with the early history of the church, to the seven women ordained on the Danube River in 2002, and provides a glimpse into the ministries of the courageous women ordained in Europe and North America over the last eight years.  The film is now available for sale at: http://eyegoddess.com/pink_smoke.php.  or Amazon.com.  To view the trailer click on: Pink Smoke

Pink Smoke Over the Vatican can be purchased at: http://pinksmokeoverthevatican.com/ or on Amazon.com for $19.95

Jennifer O’ Malley and Diane O’ Donnell were ordained priests on October 6, 2012 at Westwood Hills Congregational Church, Los Angeles, California

Below is the link to the article and video of Jen’s ordination

Religion and Ethics

Helen Umphrey was ordained a priest in Portland, Oregon 0n October 19th 2013. Olivia Doko was the presiding bishop.

Maureen Mancuso and Maria Eitz were ordained priests in May 2013.  The following article was posted in the LA Times about women priests. Women Priests 

On September 6, 2014, Seven women were ordained to the Deaconate by Presiding Bishop MerleneOlivia Doko.

Penny Donavan, Carol Giannini, Teresa Gregory, Rosa G. Manridquez, Donna Marie Shaw, Donnieau Synder, and Joanna Truelson.